Specialty candles

At times we will make specialty candles in different sizes/styles based on the season (i.e. layered Dreamsickle, layered Candy Corn....)  Please check our "Shop" page to see if any specialty candles are available and for more information.

Freedom flame

Our Freedom Flame candle was designed to support and honor our military; past, present and, future through the organization Semper Fi Sisters.  Fine Creek Candles has partnered  with Semper Fi Sisters to support all branches of the U.S Military by donating 50% of the proceeds from every Freedom Flame sold to Semper Fi Sisters.  This candle has a classic patriotic red, white, and blue appearance with each layer of color offering its own fragrance.  The first layer (red) is Strawberry Shortcake.  The Second layer (white) is Hot Baked Apple Pie.  The third layer (blue) is Blueberry Cobbler.  Freedom Flame is made in a 12 ounce canning jar and offers approximately 75 hours  of burn time.  Please visit http://semperfisisters.com to learn more about this wonderful organization and all they do.

4 ounce jelly jar

Our 4 Ounce Jelly Jar candles are a convenient smaller size candle, made with a high quality wax , that offers approximately 25 hours of burn time and fragrance. 

cube melts

Our cube melts come packaged in a mold of 6 cubes.  They can be easily broken apart to be individually placed in your warmer

Our Products

What we have to offer


We offer our products in a variety of sizes and forms.  Below is a description of each to help you select what best suits your needs.

8 ounce jelly jar

Our 8 Ounce Jelly Jar candles are our mid size candles offered in an 8 ounce quilted jelly jar.  These candles offer approximately 50 hours of burn time and fragrance.

"Hand Poured in the Heart of Virginia"

16 ounce mason jar

Our 16 Ounce Mason Jar candle is currently our largest jar candle that we offer.  Hand poured in the classic Ball Mason Jar, this candles offers approximately 100 hours of burn time and fragrance.